Premium Warranty Services

Premium service optimized to keep the best knit condition for a long time.

- Gold, VIP, Ambassador customers will receive a lifetime of total care free of charge.

- J.RIUM's premium warranty service protects the value of famous knitwear that does not change over time.

1. Care services

- Steam care

- Remove lint and simple stains

- Restoring deformed sizes (excl. excessively deformed products)

2. Repair service

- Length and Repair of Goods

- Ruffing and Holes

※ Due to the nature of knitwear, repairs and care may not be possible in certain cases, so please contact the customer service center or Kakao Talk.

Benefits by membership grade

Membership Calculation Criteria

- Membership ratings are automatically reflected on the 1st day of each month based on actual payments over the last 6 months.

- The rating selection is based on the actual payment amount excluding exchange/return, coupons and reserves, and does not apply to non-member orders and offline purchases.

1. AMBASSADOR (customers who purchase more than 5 million won)

- Personal Styling Service Only for Ambassador Members

- Premium warranty service (free care/repair service)

- Ambassador-only Birthday GIFT

- 15% off at all times / 5% off at all times

- Free Return & Exchange 3 times

2. VIP (customers who purchase more than 3 million won)

- Premium warranty service (free care/repair service)

- Birthday coupon for VIP 100,000 won

- 15% coupon x 3 cards

- Earn 4% at all times

- Free return and exchange 2 times

3. GOLD (Customers who purchase more than 1 million won)

- Premium warranty service (free care/repair service)

- Gold pancakeA birthday coupon for a 50,000 won bill

- 10% coupon x 2 tickets

- Earn 3% at all times

4. SILVER (customers who purchase more than 500,000 won)

- 5% coupon x 1 card

- Earn 2% at all times


- 10,000 won worth of welcome reserves will be paid upon initial membership registration

- Earn 1% on a regular basis


- Membership coupons are issued on the 1st of each month and will automatically expire at the end of this month if not used.

- Birthday coupons are issued on the day of your birthday and can be used within 7 days from the date of issuance.

- All coupons cannot be duplicated.

- Membership rating conditions and benefits may be changed or suspended in the future due to our circumstances.

- The membership level can be checked in the membership information after logging in on the J.RIUM website.