The basic shipping fee for J.RIUM is 3,000 won,
Shipping is free for purchases over 50,000 won.
The delivery period is within 2~7 days of payment confirmation.
However, it may be extended or shortened due to delayed warehousing, production, or delivery company's circumstances. (Weekends and holidays are excluded from the delivery period)
In the case of Jeju Island and remote mountainous areas, it may take 1 to 2 more days to deliver,
There may be additional charges other than the basic shipping fee.


Exchange/return shipping fee

In the case of simple change of mind exchange or return, the shipping fee is borne by the customer.
You can deduct the payment amount and deposit it to the account
Please write down the convenient method and send it to me.
Woori Bank 1005-402-628726 제이리움

• When exchanging products: KRW 6,000
• For full refund: KRW 6,000
• For partial refund: KRW 3,000
• However, in the case of defects or misdelivery that occurred during manufacture, the shipping cost is borne by the company

Exchange/return delivery address

(04586) 212, Dasan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, 5th floor

Where exchange or refund is not possible

• 7 days have elapsed since the receipt of the product
• If there are signs of use (stain, perfume, repair, damage, etc.)
• Damage or loss of goods and components
(Box, package, tag, hanger, dust bag, etc.)
• Limited time promotion products (outlets, sample sales, etc.)
• In the case of arbitrarily returning the product without receipt
• Goods are not the same as at the time of receipt
(The boxes, packages, and tags shipped must all be the same.)

The following are the knit fabric and the phenomenon that appears in the manufacturing process
It's hard to see it as a defect.
This is J.RIUM's own exchange and return policy considering the characteristics of the knitwear language.

  • miscellaneous work
  • a threadbare needle
  • a thread of threading
  • small fluff
  • Knot (inner of product)

J.RIUM's products are carefully inspected by a professional inspector and shipped.
If you have any other product defect inquiries, please send them to the question board or the customer service center with a picture, and we will give you a quick answer.